Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

  • Department of Oral Medicine

    Oral medicine is the specialty of dentistry concerned with oral health care of patients and with chronic recurrent and medically related disorders/conditions of oral & maxillofacial region. This specialty deals with the diagnosis and non-surgical management of these disorders/conditions. Oral medicine is the interface between general medicine and dentistry.

    Patient's Care

    The Khyber College of Dentistry Department of Oral Medicine is actively involved in patient care, teaching and research involving diagnosis and nonsurgical management of diseases of the orofacial complex and systemic and behavioral disorders that impact oral health, including:

    • Orofacial pain, including temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

    • Neurosensory and motor disorders

    • Mucosal diseases

    • Pre-Malignant disorders

    • Oral Cancer

    • Dental care for patients with disabilities

    • Salivary Dysfunction

    • Oral complications of systemic illnesses

    • Dental urgent care

    • Oral manifestations of Drugs side effects and interactions

    • Sore tongue and disorder of taste

    • Psychosomatic effects of oral diseases

    • The influence of oral diseases on general health