Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

  • Department of Periodontology

    The Department of Periodontology was established in 1985 in a single room with one dental unit. Today department is having eleven (11) dental units which are fully equipped and functional. Department is taking patient care of 17.40% of total main OPD of the hospital which is around 55000 per annum. The daily OPD of department is between 40-50 with more than 50% of patients are provided treatment on spot while others are given appointments for specialized treatment.

    Postgraduate Training

    The department has started Member of College of Physician and Surgeon (MCPS) training in the year October 2011. At the moment twelve (12) Trainees are under training. Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (DCD) was also started in January 2012 with two trainees per year. Four DCD trainees are training at the moment in the department.

    Patient's Services

    The department provides facilities like Oral Prophylaxisis, Deep Scaling and Root Debridement, Flap Surgeries, Gingivectomy, free gingival graft, Pedicle Grafts, Guided Tissue Regeneration and Bone Grafting.

    Dental implants are about to start in few weeks as well as laser dental treatment for periodontal procedures.

    The department also organizes Oral Hygiene week once a year in collaboration with multinational companies and oral hygiene day four (04) times annually in which patient visiting department/ hospital are taught how to take care of oral health.