Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

  • Department of Prosthodontics

    The department of Prosthodontics at Khyber College of Dentistry (KCD) Peshawar caters for education and training in both graduate (BDS) and postgraduate (FCPS) programs. It is also the only specialist center providing Prosthodontics treatment services to patients. By providing educational and training in the specialty, we aim to provide skilled manpower for the provision of treatment, quality education and teaching and advisory services. This ultimately is generating economic and developmental activities within the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular and in Pakistan in general. In this regard, we have so far been successful in producing multiple specialist Prosthodontics who are working both within college and outside in other institutions of the country and abroad. We also have been successful in conducting research that has been published both in national and international journals, (Listed in Supervisors’ Profile, given above). We aim to further enhance our educational, training and service provision facilities by improving the existing infra-structure in terms of equipment, technology and trained faculty.

    The Department is equipped with 13 dental chairs and units and technical laboratories facilitating the performance of clinical procedures and fabrication of cast, ceramic and acrylic Prosthodontics appliances for patients. The activities of the Department of Prosthodontics can broadly grouped as “Patients’ Care” and “Educational and Research & Developmental” activities. These are further described in detail as:

    Patients’ Care

    The provision of Prosthodontics treatment services to patients is aimed to restore from, function and appearance affected by missing and defective teeth. Clinical and technical facilities exists within the Department for the fabrication and fitting of all kinds of removable and fixed dental prostheses including maxillofacial prostheses for the rehabilitation of patients presenting congenital and acquired defects within the Department of the fabrication and fitting of all kinds of removable and fixed dental prostheses including maxillofacial prostheses for the rehabilitation of patients presenting congenital and acquired defects within the oral and craniofacial complex. We have been able to provide free cost services of the kind to all patients who are themselves or as dependents of government employees or those who are poor and disabled. The provision of these extensive free of cost Prosthodontics services actually saves a tremendous amount of the government money. Despite this, the Department has generated the revenue of Rs. 311350/00 in the year 2009 (Jan-Dec) and Rs. 408215/00 in the year 2010 (Jan –Dec) through heavily subsidized users’ charges in the year ending on 31 December 2009. The extent of the patients’ care can be estimated from the fact that some 8230 Prosthodontics related clinical procedures were performed during the year 21010. Details of such activates during the past 3 year are given in Annexure A. It is worthy to mention that each such clinical procedure ordinarily is completed in more than one hour time on the average. In addition, these services have facilitated a training opportunity to all BDS, FCPS students Dental House Officers and Students of Dental Technology in Department.

    Academic Activities

    The Department of Prosthodontics at KCD is basically established to provide education and clinical training to students of three BDS classes, FCPS trainees, Dental House Officers and students of Dental Technology. It has so far involved in the training 19 postgraduate students in the specialty of Prosthodontics. These educational and training facilities availed by local students has saved a substantial amount of money that would have been otherwise spent on the educational and training of students elsewhere. It is to mention that the kind of educational and training facilities we provide in the Department of Prosthodontics are very expensive to pursue in institutions abroad.

    Education and training of students in the specialty of Prosthodontics is facilitated through lectures, one-one-one and group discussion, chair-side teaching, clinical teaching sessions, laboratory technology sessions, Clinical case reporting, clinical audit meeting, clinic-pathological conferences / seminars and journal club meetings. Group and individual tutoring, mentoring and counseling session are also used as methods of imparting desirable knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the practice of Prosthodontics in particular and for the practice of dentistry in general.

    Students’ evaluation and monitoring of their educational and practical competence is an integral part of departmental activities. These are assessed not only from their performance in annual professional examinations but also by the methods of continuous assessment of performance through their regularity in lectures and clinical sessions, performance in term tests / stages and clinical excellence, completion of clinical work quota and behavior with staff and patients. Postgraduate students’ progress is monitored on daily basis and their individual progress recorded in their log-books provided by the College of Physicians & surgeons Pakistan. Postgraduate students also perform mandatory rotation duty as a requirement of their training.

    The faculty at the Department is also actively involved in assessing students of other institutions, colleges and universities so as to get feedback of redirecting our own educational programs and activities at all levels of education and training.

    A well organized library with plenty print materials in the form of books / journal, CDs, videos as well as an online library facility is available to all students and staff. An R&D Section with multiple internet stations is also available for use of students.

    Clinical And Technical Facilities

    The department of Prosthodontics at KCD has 3 Offices/ Staff Rooms for Faculty, 1 Seminar Room, two spacious clinical areas with 13 Dental Chairs and Units with accessories for the performance of clinical Prosthodontics procedures on patients. There are three spacious technical laboratory areas equipped with plenty full equipped laboratory working stations.

    Facilities for processing of acrylic prostheses, cast metal prostheses and ceramic work are available with necessary equipments and materials.